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The East St. Louis Esports program offers a supportive and diverse environment for students to train, compete, and pursue thier passions. The Unified Flyers competes on a national level to represent the school through different tournaments and leagues. We currently field teams in Special Olympics Unified East Region - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The Unified Flyers will be competing in their second season of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe starting the week on February 19th. We hope to see you show up and support the team this season. 

Esports Arena

Students have their own space at the high school to practice, perform, review and have fun after school! Our facility features gaming PC's and the latest gaming systems for all students who participate. 

Esports Room



The Unified Champions athletes have been recognized as a 2023 ESPN Honor Roll School. 

About the Coaches

East St. Louis Senior Esports coaches are responsible for the growth and devlopment of their roster. The coaches at East St. Louis Senior High approach coaching with an individual and team orientated mindset. They look at how the best training can be individualized to increase growth and development while still adhearing to the overall objectives for the team.

Players wil practice with their coach and team for 3-4 hours each week. Players will analyze game footage with their coachand formulate a plan to improve various aspects for their game. Our coaches focus on individual player mechanics, team mechanics, strategy, and mentality. The team will practice with and again their fellow teammates within each game. 

Head Coaches: Ernest Tillman and Nicholas Pashia




2/5/24 - 2/16/24: Compete in at least 1 scrimmage match to test out the game systems.

Regular Season

Week 1: 2/19/24

Week 2: 2/26/24

Week 3: 3/04/24

Week 4: 3/11/24

Week 5: 3/18/24

Week 6: 3/25/24 - Spring Break

Week 7: 4/01/24

Week 8: 4/08/24


4/15/24 - 4/26/24


TBA: Championships can start as early as 04/29/24. More details will come soon.