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The AP Computer Science Discoveries course broadens high school students' participation in computer science through engaging, project-based learning. Covering programming, computational thinking, algorithms, and data analysis, students work on real-world projects to develop creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. The course empowers students to become critical thinkers and communicators in technology-driven environments, laying a strong foundation for future study and careers in computer science.

What is Computer Science Discoveries course?

The AP Computer Science course offers high school students a college-level curriculum focused on computer science principles and programming. Students learn Java and explore key concepts like algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented programming. Through hands-on projects, they develop problem-solving skills and gain insights into software design and societal impacts. Completing the course and exam can earn college credit and pave the way for further study or careers in computer science.

What is Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course?

Computer Science Related Degrees

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